The Elegant Mother-of-the-Bride Dress

You got a big news your daughter was engaged. You will be a mother of bride. You must be exciting and nervous. You excited about your daughter will be married. You nervous how to dress up properly to look elegant in the wedding! Although it is not your big day, but you should look beautiful and fabulous for your daughter. You look good, your daughter could keep hers honour. Here are some tips and dresses to help you look stylish on the big day.

Modest Sage Mother of Groom Dress

  • Shop at least 1 month ahead of your daughter’s big day to purchase the mother of bride dress. Don’t wait until the last minute to look for your dress. It is too urgent, you should leave a little time to alter dress. You can not guarantee the dress you bought fit your perfectly.Elegant Red illusion Mother of Bride Dress
  • You should know the wedding place. If it is outdoor wedding, the dress you should choose light and comfortable. The length of dress should not too long. It is better to choose tea length or knee length.

Simple Pink Short Mother of Groom Dress

  • Don’t wear white, ivory, or champagne — You should know it is your daughter’s big day, it isn’t yours. These colors are belong to bride.
  • You are mother of bride, your dress should different with bridesmaids. Your dress should appropriate.


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