How to Choose Dama Dresses

Each quinceanera  court member represents a year of you, so you need invited another 14 friends to attend your quinceanera court party. These 14 people are 7 boys(chambelàns) and 7 girls(dama). They are special friends and relatives whom you choose as a symbol of the transition to womanhood. 

Short Dresses for DamasWhite Sweetheart Knee-length Dama DressChampagne Short  Dama Dresses Halter Blue Simple Dama DressRed Taffeta Short Dama DressPretty Short Red Quinceanera Dress

What to wear for these chambelàns?

Quinceanera is formal party, so a tie, dress shirt/pants and dress shoes should fit the part! Also if you were related a nice suite probably would fit the part. These are for chambelàns.

What about dama dress?

  • you should make sure dama dresses’s color is different with quinceanera dress. Normally, Gray, white, or beige are all good dama colors because they will not take any attention away from the quinceanera and her beautiful dress.
  •  Dress length. Knee length is the best. I believe quincenaera do not want her damas dress is outshine than quinceanera dress.
  • Style. Dama dresses should different with quinceanera dress.






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