Choose Mother of Bride Dress Tips

How to choose mother of bride dress? Is it important in a wedding? Of cause, mother of bride dress is also very important in the wedding. What should we pay attention when we choose mother of bride dress?

In this article, we will give you some advice in choosing elegant mother of bride dress.

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  1. Color. Mother of bride dress should avoid these colors: ivory, white, champagne. These 3 colors are always for brides.  Mother of bride shouldn’t wear same color. Black color is also inappropriate for mother of bride. Normally, black color is for funeral. It is full of sadness.
  2. Consider mother of bride and mother of groom feeling. Their dresses should complement each other, there shouldn’t be an issue.
  3. Dress Length. If your wedding is formal wedding, then the dress length should be floor length. Of cause, if you really do not like full length, then tea length is a good choice. But if your wedding is semi-formal or casual wedding, then you could choose knee length or short length.
  4. Do not over sexy. It is your daughter’s big day. She is the main character, it is yours. Make sure your daughter is the most beautiful and sexy lady in the wedding.

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